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Tutor Tuesdays

Slipped and accidentally took a month off of Tutor Tuesdays...But we are back with the lovely Dr Marie Aronsson - Storrier - Global Crisis, Conflict, AND Disaster Management whiz and (un)official law school law dog owner!

1) Alma mater?

University of Gothenburg (LLB, LLM) and University of Melbourne (PhD)

2) Who inspires you?

I am amazed and inspired by anyone who is brave enough to challenge their perceptions and push their limits, while still caring about the feelings and experiences others. I am particularly in awe of all the groundbreaking women and non-binary persons who have paved the way for myself and my colleagues to pursue our careers in the field of our choice regardless of gender – in and outside of law.

3) What made you want to pursue a career in law?

My mum is convinced that I would never have gone law school had it not been for Ally McBeal. She has a point. If you haven’t seen it already, get on it (you’re welcome!).

4) Did you take the traditional path or did you have a career before law?

I have had loads different jobs before and during law school, including dementia care assistant, bank teller, and barmaid (to name a few). I briefly worked behind the bar at Hotel du Vin in Henley when it first opened back in 2005 – little did I know that I’d come back 10 years later to work at UoR! In terms of my studies, I’ve been fairly focused on law the whole way, but I’ve taken enough breaks for travels and lived in enough countries to keep it exciting.

5) Career highlight?

Apart from being asked to participate in Tutor Tuesdays? ;)

I must say it was being awarded a scholarship to do my PhD at Melbourne. The timing could not have been better, and for a brief moment everything just fell into place. Also, actually getting that PhD ‘a few’ years later was also pretty ace...

6) Legal journey low point?

Spending a summer at a big Swedish commercial law firm. Some of the things I was being asked to produce were just outright ridiculous. I decided that my brain deserved better, looked into the possibility of doing a PhD, and never looked back. It all worked out quite well!

7) Best thing about your job?

I feel so lucky to be part of and shape the development of international law on disasters and disaster risk reduction – it is incredibly exciting and (unfortunately!) very topical. I also love discussing my research with our amazing UoR students!

8) A Significant career achievement?

It’s only tangentially related to academia, but it is something special about being interviewed on major international news outlets such as Sky News or Al Jazeera. In particular, these platforms give me the opportunity to combat the lethal myth about disasters being 'natural' to a broad audience, which is pretty cool.

9) What would you be doing now if a career in law was not an option?

I would probably run an animal shelter. I still might someday.

10) A piece of advice for our students?

Figure out what matters to YOU and create your own opportunities. So far ‘out of the blue’ requests have landed me positions at Allen & Overy in Frankfurt (a story for another day…) and jobs at universities in both Australia and the UK, so it’s well worth a shot!


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