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Tutor Tuesdays

This week our Tutor Tuesdays is dedicated to the brilliant Elizabeth Conaghan - power playlist master.

1) Alma mater?

University of Oxford, St Hilda's College

2) Who inspires you?

It is wonderful to hear about anyone who is using the law to promote justice, whether in a law centre or in the Supreme Court.

3) What made you want to pursue a career in law?

My undergraduate degree was in physiology and experimental psychology. A chance opportunity to apply for a scholarship to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Law led me to where I am today.

4) Did you take the traditional path or did you have a career before law?

After my science degree, I undertook the GDL and then the Bar Professional Training Course. After pupillage, I worked in independent practice as a tenant.

5) Career highlight?

I really enjoyed the year I spent working as a judicial assistant to the Supreme Court judges. They were lovely people and very humble considering their brilliant minds!

6) Legal journey low point?

Realising that I would never reach the dizzy heights of QC because I had left the Bar, but I do not regret doing so, as it was the right decision for a better family life/work balance.

7) Best thing about your job?

I am always learning - the law never stands still!

8) A Significant career achievement?

I was really delighted to be nominated for a RUSU Teaching Excellence Award - it makes all the hard graft worth while!

9) What would you be doing now if a career in law was not an option?

I would probably in my kitchen baking cakes!

10) A piece of advice for our students?

Persevere, seize opportunities and work hard. To borrow a phrase coined by the American inventor, Thomas Edison, "Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration"


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